InDesign-Plugin for CC 2015 and newer versions | Windows and Mac

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Speed up your custom InDesign workflow!

Create custom InDesign Panels: Tools, Menu Items and Scripts with drag & drop.

Searching Photoshop Actions
Add buttons with drag & drop
  • All Tools
  • Command from the Menu Bar
  • Scripts
Order with drag & drop
Filter Photoshop Actions by Set
Searching Photoshop Actions
Add containers

Rename Buttons and Containers

Manage Workspaces

Assign color to buttons and containers and much more
Filter Photoshop Actions by Set

User friendly

Tools, scripts and over 600 menu items via drag & drop.


Arrange, rename and highlight buttons and containers. Dockable everywhere.


Save a lot of time – No matter what purpose InDesign is used for.

New in Version 1.1

Tooltips and possibility to lock buttons

See the full changelog here.

FAQ / Instructions

Before purchase
Which version of InDesign is required?

Configurator Reloaded works for InDesign CC 2015 and newer versions.

Older versions (CC 2014, CC, CS6 and older) are not supported.

Windows and Mac.

Which payment options are available?
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
How do I receive the panel?
Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download Configurator Reloaded.
On how many computers am I allowed to use the panel?
You can install the panel on all computers, where the panel will be used by you.

If another person wants to use the panel, a second license is required.

After purchase
How do I install Configurator Reloaded?
Installation is quick and easy with a separate installation file. Detailed instructions can be found in a PDF file in the downloaded zip archive.
Which buttons can be added to the panel?
  • All Tools (Selection Tool, Eyedropper, Type Tool, etc.)
  • Commands located behind the menu bar (e. g. File > New > Document, Layout > Margins and Columns, Table > Insert > Row etc.)
  • Custom Scripts
How to add new buttons?
  1. Click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the panel
  2. Choose the desired category
  3. Drag and drop the desired command into a container *

* Tools can only be added to Tools Containers

How can containers/buttons be colored?

Right-click on the desired button or on the container name.

How can I change the order of buttons/containers?
With Drag & Drop.

How can new containers be added?
From the panel menu.

How can containers be collapsed/extended?
Click on the container name.

How can the text size and width of the buttons be adjusted?
In the panel menu under “Appearance”.

How can I rename buttons/containers?
With a right click on the container name or on the button.

What are workspaces and how can they be edited (create, rename, delete)?
Workspaces are displayed at the top of the panel in the drop-down list.

When the panel is first started, this is the “Essentials” workspace. If a new workspace is created, it is empty and new buttons and containers can be added.

Use the drop-down list to switch between workspaces. Workspaces can be created, renamed, or deleted from the control panel menu.

How to add your own scripts?
From the panel menu.

The script file must be an ExtendScript file (extension .jsx).

The button is added in the first container of the currently selected workspace.

Can I export standalone panels?
The export of standalone panels is not possible.

However, it is possible to export workspaces. For the import it is necessary to have Configurator Reloaded.


Review Title
Review Content

Configurator Reloaded PlugIn ID CC

Hallo Thomas In InDesign wie auch in Photoshop eine ausgezeichnete Hilfe. Vereinfacht die Arbeitsabläufe um vieles. Möchte ich ganz sicher nicht mehr missen.Vielen Dank für deine tolle Arbeit. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz.
- Felix Ruppen

Fills a gap in the InDesign panels

The InDesign tools panel works well, but apart from orientation and number of columns, it can't be customized. Even QuarkXPress allows you to show and hide tools. Configurator Reloaded is much better. You can create your own tools panel with the tools, menu commands, and scripts you want in a single place.
- Jim

Tolles Plug-in!

Mehr dazu unter meinem Blogartikel:

Configurator Reloaded PlugIn ID CC

Das Plugin für ID ist supergeil! Ich werde es jetzt eine Weile verwenden und wenn sich das bewährt, leiste ich mir noch die PS-Version. Kompliment! Hammer Tool!
- Kathrin

Just perfect!

Just perfect! Thank you!
- Matteo Baschera

InDesign-Panel Configurator Reloaded

Alles wunderbar. Vereinfacht die Arbeitsabläufe sehr gut. Vielen Dank.
- Michael Gehmlich-Lipsky


As a user of the Photoshop version of this panel, I've been waiting (and hoping) for an InDesign version for a while now. I purchased it without hesitation on release, and already it's a significant part of my workflow. It works exactly as advertised and even though I know my keyboard shortcuts inside-out, I still find this an invaluable tool. It's simple to use and I would recommend it for all levels of InDesign User. It will save you time and make life easier. This is a panel worth every single cent (and more) of its asking price.
- Stephen Walker