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    Torben Lindström

    Hi, I want to start by thanking you for an awesome product and I’m so happy to see you have an active support forum.

    The issue I’ve come across:
    Having custom software profiles and functions in wacom tablet properties is currently incompatible with the Configurator Reloaded panel.
    Whenever I click anything within a conf reloaded panel my Photoshop specific wacom functions are reset to the “all-other”-profile. Thus configurator isnt recognized as part of photoshop but will be given the default windows explorer profile.

    This sadly is completely killing working with configurator professionally for me. As soon as I’m click a configurator button I have to click in the middle of the canvas to return to my shortcuts again (thus creating a ton of paint blothes on the canvas I later have to erase or accidentaly moving layers out of place).

    But if the configurator panel isn’t docked to a native photoshop window then clicking the canvas isnt enough either, then I have to click the bar around a photoshop window for wacom to finally shift back to my custom-made photoshop profile.

    I know wacom tablet properties is far from a optimal program, but If configurator panel would be able to register as a native part of photoshop and not say a windows explorer window then none of these issues will crop up, and painting in photoshop will not be constantly halted by having to manually shift back to the photoshop profile after every time you click the configurator panel.

    I guess it would be technically possible to assign Configurator Reloaded its’ own profile in wacom tablet properties, however then you have to manually reprogram all the shortcuts from scratch to this new profile, and if you want to make a change to your shortcuts then you have to make this change from scratch twice.
    (again having to make it from scratch is a fault with wacom tablet properties, not your software at all, but if the photoshop profile doesnt shift around like this then this wont be a problem)

    Appart from this I love your product, I bought it instantly as it’s much more prize worthy than your competitors and it’s super easy to configure your buttons. As someone with wrist problems having a shortcuts panel instead of having to press the keyboard is saving me from so much pain.

    Kind Regards

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    Torben Lindström

    Idea for possible manual quickfix:
    In the wacom remote profiles’ saved out backup file you could theoretically manually change the text in the file by opening it with notepad. Perhaps add an line to include an exception to make sure configurator isnt read as something else than photoshop.

    just a spitball idea from a non-programmer/non-scripter

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    Hi Torben,

    unfortunately, it’s technically not possible to define CR “as a part of Photoshop” for this needs. So the only solution would be to configure the Wacom tablet.


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    you can Customizing your Wacom tablet in driver settings , I don’t use a Wacom Tablet but a XP-Pen drawing pad . it works well with photoshop cc for digital painting and photo editng.

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