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    Mark Hazeldine

    I had the Configurator Reloaded panel v1.7.1 working fine with Photoshop v22.0. Today I updated to Photoshop 22.2 and PS said it couldn’t find my workspaces when I open it, so it automatically reset everything to the default. I restored my workspaces and everything was fine except for my 2 CR panels. I decided to download and install v1.9. No change. I then used the Adobe app to uninstall CR. I then did a fresh reinstall using the included Windows installer. Upon opening PS, it still just shows blank panels with no way to reload my saved CR panels. Any ideas?
    This might be a separate question, but should I be installing in a different way now? Is CR in the Adobe Marketplace? I couldn’t find it listed. I also tried that Anastasiy installer, but my web family filter is blocking it as unsafe.

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    Hi Mark,

    maybe there are some corrupted files.

    First try to remove the plugin by removing the folder “configuratorReloaded” from:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\

    Check also if the same folder exists under your user folder:
    If it exists also remove it from there.

    If you then restart Photoshop you shouldn’t find Configurator Reloaded and it was successfully uninstalled. Install it afterwards with the native Windows installer.

    If the problem still exists try to remove the preset folder (Make a backup!!) and restart PS afterwards:
    C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Configurator Reloaded


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    Mark Hazeldine

    Hi Thomas,

    I’ve now removed all 3 of those folders manually and when I open PS and go to “Window > Extensions (legacy)” I still see Configurator Reloaded there in the menu, ticked. And when tick and untick it, a blank window appears and disappears. Are there any other ways that PS references the plugin that I need to delete to completely uninstall it?


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    No, these are the locations.
    If the panel is still listed then the folder was not successfully removed from
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\

    You can also send me screenshots of these locations to thomas [ ät ]

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    Mark Hazeldine

    Checked again. I’ve done exactly as you said (I think). Still doesn’t work! I’ve just emailed you with a screenshot. Thanks in advance!

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