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    Use this technique to add third party filters. With this technique you can add every command from the menu bar.

    1) Open the Actions palette and record a new action (in this example I want to add the third party filter “Perfectly Clear”)

    2) Open the palette menu and choose “Insert Menu Item”

    3) Choose “Filter” and your desired third party filter (in this example “Perfectly Clear Complete v3”) and click “OK”. Click “Stop recording action”.

    4) In Configurator Reloaded open “Actions” and click on the refresh button

    5) Choose the set and your created action and add it to Configurator Reloaded by drag & drop

    • Dieses Thema wurde geändert vor 6 Jahren, 5 Monaten von thomas.
    • Dieses Thema wurde geändert vor 6 Jahren, 5 Monaten von thomas.
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    Vlad Voiculescu

    Hi, how can i add scripts shortcuts?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi Vlad,

    can you be more specific?


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    I have the same Question like Vlad Voiculescu asked:

    How can we add a script or so called extension(legacy) panels (Configurator Reloaded is also such a script/extension.

    How can we add a button from such a script to be recorded in actions.

    For example the extension Layrs Control 2 have multiple buttons. I would like to add the button
    “remove unused effects” to record as an action!
    …and then add more Actions from the Adobe Menus “Delete Hidden Layers” and the menu under scripts “delete all empty Layers”.
    So i can run all 3 Commands with one Action.

    Not sure if this is even possible.


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    Hi Stefan,

    clicking on buttons in an extension is usually not recordable as an action.
    It is only possible if the developer of the extension supports it.


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    Daryl Pritchard

    Hello Thomas,

    I have recently purchased and installed Configurator Reloaded 1.9.0 for Photoshop CC 2021 version 22.1.1. I have found that upon creating a button assigned to a third party filter, if the filter is cancelled there will be either of two errors occur:

    (1) The cancelled filter is played a second time. If again cancelled, it will be closed properly. OR
    (2) An error message of “The command ‘Play’ is not currently available.” and then upon OK of the message, the message is removed and there is no further problem.

    Whichever problem occurs, it is always that same problem for the same third party filter. However, across different third party vendors, there will be either no problem or one of the two listed problems.

    A video showing the details of the problem across different third party filters may be viewed from my Google Drive at Configiurator Reloaded Failure

    This is not a critical failure but is a nuisance to encounter and I hope it can be easily corrected.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Daryl,

    thanks for this detailed report.
    This issue will be solved with the next update.

    Because it is not critical it can take some time. I’m bundling multiple issues before providing an update.


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    Hi Thomas,

    I have latest Nik Collection. Some of the presets are not loading through Configurator.
    When pressing the button i get this error message:

    Error message

    The buttons which show this error are Viveza, Silver Efex and Analog Efex.

    Any advice?

    Kind Regards,


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