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    Chris O

    I have had Configurator Reloaded for more years than I can remember now.

    I randomly had “ExternalObject does not have constructor” on startup for a very long time. I would just restart photoshop and it would magically work again. It was an irritation but a restart would fix it.

    Now every time I open PS I get the error: ExternalObject does not have constructor.

    I’ve installed again from Creative Could and then again from ExtensionManagerInstaller.exe

    I am very surprised I don’t find this error in the support forum with a solution. Especially since I have seen it 1,000 times as a user. Now I’m completely locked out of the plugin by this.

    I would appreciate help getting the plugin working again. (ASAP!)

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    Hi Chris,

    wich OS and PS version are you using?

    If I remember correctly this was a bug in Photoshop some years ago. An update of PS fixed it.
    If you are using the newest PS version you can try to reset the preferences.


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    Chris O

    I’m on Win 10.

    This is actually with totally reset preferences.

    I have another ridiculous bug where tabs randomly lock. I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to deal with adobe support over it. Everything is up to date and I’ve reset my preferences (several times).

    The joys of Photoshop use.

    It’s randomly working again… 🙂

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    I found an older support request about this. We resolved it by resetting the preferences.
    It has to do something with your PS install.

    Maybe try to use the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool?

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