Adjustment Layers

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    Matt O’Brien

    It appears as if there is no way to add Adjustment Layer Tools to the Tool Container.

    They can be added as large text blobs in other containers, but this is wasteful of valuable screen real estate when the use of a familiar icon is more efficient and intuitive.

    The use of Adjustment layers is one of the most frequently used tools in Ps.

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    To the Tool containers can only be added (as the name says) tools.

    Why not use the original Adjustments panel?

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    Matt O’Brien

    1. I only regularly use a few adjustment layer tools.
    2. More importantly, I want the final panel config to handle 90% of my needs and close all other panels, except layers.
    3. I would like all the icons in the same panel.

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    Hey Guys,
    Any update on this? I purchased as I also wanted to use adjustment layers via this panel, Now it says command not available whenever I press one. Any help will be appreciated

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