Photoshop-Panel for CC 2014 and newer versions.
Windows and Mac.

Search, manage and play your Photoshop Actions more efficiently than ever before.
Searching Photoshop Actions
Search Actions
Find your actions by typing
parts of the name.

Navigate through the results with arrow up
and arrow down. Play an action by pressing Enter.

Alternatively play an action
with a single click.

Filter by sets
Filter your actions by sets
with a simple drop-down list.
Filter Photoshop Actions by Set
Sort Photoshop Actions
Sort actions
Sort your actions alphabetically
by clicking the arrow buttons.
Manage favorites
Add often used
actions as favorites.

Access the favorites with
a click on the star button.

Manage Photoshop Actions as Favorites

Native Photoshop-look – Adapts to the interface color

THE TOOL we've been waiting for years. No matter how many actions you have installed - find with this panel and play the requested action with a few keystrokes. Even without using your mouse. An indispensable workflow accelerator!

Olaf Giermann

Photoshop expert and editor at “DOCMA – Magazine for image editing”


ActionBrowser CC Trial
Free Trial-Version.
Fully functional.
Limited to 15 opens.
$ 0

Test the panel!

Free updates.

ActionBrowser CC
Search, manage and play
your Photoshop Actions
more efficient than ever before.
$ 24,90

One-time payment.

Free updates.

Before purchase
Which version of Photoshop is required?

ActionBrowser CC runs under Photoshop CC 2014 and newer versions!

Older versions (CS6 and older) are not supported.

Windows and Mac!

After purchase
How do I install ActionBrowser CC?
ActionBrowser CC will be installed automatically through the Creative Cloud App.

If you have problems with the installation take a look here:

Can the search box be called with a keyboard shortcut?

You have to assign a Keyboard Shortcut to the panel:

  • Choose in Photoshop “Edit”> “Keyboard Shortcuts”
  • In this dialog you’ll find “Action Browser CC” under “Window”> “Extensions”

After the shortcut has been assigned, the panel can be called. If the panel is already open press the keyboard shortcut twice. The search field is now active and you can start to type and search your desired action.

How can I create Favorites?
  • Click on the panel menu
  • Choose “Manage Favorites”
  • With a click on the action name the action will be marked as favorite (white star). The button “Save” brings you back.
  • A click on the star shows the favorites
How can actions be recorded?
This will be done with the original Actions-Panel.

You can open the Actions-Panel with ActionBrowser CC:

  • Click on the panel menu
  • Click on “Open/Close Actions Panel”

After a new action has been recorded, Action Browser CC must initialize them. See next question.

How are newly recorded actions in Action Browser CC recognized?
Option 1:

  • Restart ActionBrowser CC. This also works with two double clicks on the head of the panel.

Option 2:

  • Click on the panel menu
  • Choose “Reload Actions”
How do I continue my work in Photoshop after an action has been played?
After an action has been played, the focus continues to be on the panel. This means you could play the same or another action again. By clicking on a tool in the toolbar or by pressing “Esc”, the focus is again in Photoshop.
Where can I get support?
Please post in the support forum. I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Action Browser

My ONLY regret is not purchasing this amazing plug-in sooner!
- Chrissie


The perfect plugin for anyone that have alot of actions. My workflow now is much better.
- Rodrigo

Action Browser

Excellent way to simplify finding actions in Photoshop without having to use the native PS Action panel. Allows for searching which is very efficient.
- John


Das Photoshop-Panel ActionBrowser CC ist genau die Erweiterung, die mir fehlte. Vielen Dank für die Entwicklung. Es funktioniert perfekt und erleichtert meine Arbeit täglich sehr.
- Sylvie Keisker

The Missing Pieces

This makes locating and using actions so much easier. I have so many and finding them can be more time consuming sometimes than just doing what the action does manually. This plugin has made that super simple. Adobe should pay attention to this one!!!
- Tom Pickering


Saves a lot of time if you have many actions.
- Hans Kyrk

Ein empfehlenswertes Plugin

Nach kurzer Gewöhnungszeit erleichtert und beschleunigt es mein Arbeitsvorgang enorm.
- Yvan

Saves me time

I love this so much! Saves me so much time.
- Keelyn


This truly a wonderful tool. It really speeds up my work in photoshop. Real easy to setup too!
- David Petrie


Does what it says - Allows logical ordering and rapid access to a growing list of actions that makes it cumbersome to locate something specific. Improves PS efficiency. Good panel to have.
- Johann Schutte

Worth every penny !

The only thing that saves more time than using Photoshop Actions is being able to find them in a split second. I'm so glad this plugin exists, it makes my work so much easier.
- Isabelle Fortin


It makes things a lot easier when working with lots of actions in Photoshop.
- Andy Mihail

Amazing Time Saver

OMG! This is probably my most favorite Photoshop tool. This plugin has saved me literally hours searching through my actions. I have never been able to figure out why Photoshop never added an "action" that would put your actions in alphabetical order. This one is even better than just alphabetical order. Thanks so much for creating this plugin!
- Lisa

Excellent plugin!

This is a life saver for sorting through hundreds of actions and finding what I want quickly. It takes a few seconds to initiate, but is super fast after that. I tested the trial before I purchased. Well worth the cost to save so much time in my workflow!
- Mike


Just what i need!! Save's a lot of time!!
- Wop

Love the organization

When I first tried this product I thought what do I need with an action browser. I can get to my actions. Well if you have ever had a ton of actions you need no explanation needed. Great utility and priced properly. JT
- Jet

Action Browser CC

Der Action Browser CC ist auf alle Fälle eine sehr wirksame Vereinfachung des Wporkflows, er ist übersichtlich, schnell, wirklich gut gemacht usw. Allerdings verwende ich ihn als Amateur bisher nicht all zu häufig. Aber vielleicht wächst der Appetit mit der Zahl der Anwendungen.
- Götz Eberhard Barth

Endlich Ordnung

Absolut zu empfehlen. Aktionen sind nun wesentilch leichter und schneller aufzufinden. Einzig, es wäre schön wenn oben im Auswahlmenü eine alphabetische sortierung möglich wäre.
- Ulrich Schmidt

Great tool

Love it, saves me a lot of time as I have many actions. Two things I wish it had - when calling the actionbrowser would be nice to start typing instead of clicking on the search field to find an action. And 2 I wish after an action is played the actionbrowser closes so you can work on your file right away without having to click ESC or clicking on the file itself. Other than that I love this time saver and well priced too, best investment if you have a lot of actions and you don't want to waste your time.
- Goody

Sehr gelungen...

Sehr nützlich, weil endlich Übersicht in die Aktionen kommt!
- Christoph Gödan

Schnelle Übersicht

Um schnell Aktionen zu finden und ablaufen zu lassen, benutze ich den Action Browser. Die Favoriteneinteilung erleichtert ungemein das schnelle Finden der Aktionen. Diese PlugIn kann ich rund um empfehlen.
- Michael Sieber

ActionBrowser CC

Wenn ich Aktionen verwende, arbeite ich mittlerweile ausschließlich mit "ActionBrowser CC". Dieses Tool ist wirklich jeden Cent Wert. Da es immer etwas zu verbessern gibt, vergebe ich "nur" 4 Sterne. Ich kann jedem, der Aktionen verwendet, dieses PlugIn bestens empfehlen.
- Peter Beer


Sehr gut gelungen der ActionBrowser CC. Einfach zu bedienen und die Aktionen sind super schnell zu finden. Der ActionBrowser CC hat sich für mich gelohnt.
- Böhm Manfred

the tool I have been looking for!

This is a great tool to break your actions free from the limited functionality of the Action panel. I love the straight forward organization and the ability to save actions as a Favorite. This is a must have!
- Jean Timken

One of the few MUST-HAVEs

Trying and testing all the time, looking for most efficient assistants in improving the creativity, speed and smothering the simplicity of my workflow I am looking for the best plugins and big and little helpers all the time. ActionBrowser CC is one of the MUST-HAVEs. Just like MagicPicker or the Perspective Tool this one will stay with me with every version of PS. Don't get me wrong - Adobe is doing huge make discover new tools, but sometimes leave us with less options on the details and that is where ActionBrowser CC is here for. No matter if 15, or 30 or 100 actions - we will always need order and swift navigation if we want to process images fast enough. I cost a lot. I can't afford to waste time on minor excessive movements (like searching for a single action for about 2 minutes). This cheap little devil is paying of in no time, since it's cheap, but good! Perhaps the author might surprise us with more navigation assistance any time soon 😉
- Diko Jelev

rather usefull tool alredy @V1.1

This cute little tool solves for me two quirks I have with Adobe´s cation panel, which is unfortunately a single panel for both creating/editing actions and for playing them: First, I have always to cope with all actions. It is sometimes confusing to find the action wanted within my actions, because I have many of them. Second, for some reason adobe sometimes? Expands action being played, exposing all single steps to me. This makes the action search even more confusing and raises the chance I disable a step within an action by clicking on it unintentionally, later wondering why this action does not work anymore. What I wished more? • Right-click on an action could offer toggling it´s “favorite” state. • Favorites, currently a single flat list could have some kind of structure. At it´s very best it would consist of action set trees, allowing me to organize my action by purpose, e.g. Landscapes-> landscapes color corrections Landscapes-> landscapes sharpening methods portraits -> portraits color corrections. Single action could be contained within several branches, e.g. Dodge&Burn would fit well both below “landscapes->contrasts” and below “portraits->contrasts”. I´d rated current version (1.1) with 4 stars, BUT Thomas delivers a no-nonsense support, he listens to his customers and has future plans, including some kind of favorites structuring. Because of this I rate his tool five stars.
- Juraj Salak

Werkzeug des Jahres

Ich habe ich so oft über das finden von Aktionen in PS geärgert, für mich ist der ActionBrowser CC definitiv das Werkzeug des Jahres 🙂 Kasse Idee - Klasse umgesetzt...absolut empfehlenswert! Vielleicht geht noch was 😉 Eigene Favoriten Ordner anlegen wäre jetzt noch richtig cool...vielleicht sind 3 Ordner möglich!? Kommentar von Administrator: Steht bereits auf der Liste 🙂
- Jörg Fritz

Photoshop User

I have struggled when processing images to remember and find actions that I need to complete the look called for at the time. When I purchased Actionbrowser all trial and error clicking actions that were similar but not what I wanted stopped. Actionbrowser organizes and quickly lets me select the proper tools do use and by category or word search. I cannot image developing images in the future without this wonderful product!
- Wendell Reeves

Great Idea

Yes this new action browser can save some time, and you can organize action files by topic Like it! Jerry B
- Jerry Bernard

Go download

Still reading, what more do you need to know? Go download it now!
- Me again

I love it.

I love this add-on for Photoshop. Although, I was hoping it may have come with a few Actions. If you don't have any purchased or free actions this extension is not for you. If you have 1000's ok 100's of actions, this extension is a tool you need. It sorts and organizes according to you needs and goals. Once you use it, you will be thankful. Stop reading the reviews and go get it. Sheesh, what are you waiting for. 🙂
- Michael Kennedy

This is a keeper

This little helper is a great friend when it comes to PS actions. When they start to grow in countless number on you, and they very soon do, ActionBrowser CC is there to keep everything a little easier to handel. Recommended!
- Christer Andersén
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